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This is the Official site for Jim Ferrazzano,
and the only site with his approval and cooperation.

Soon to be the most comprehensive collection of Jim's dances, online

  Tush Push Steps 

Tush Push Instructional Video

After Juan, He's Don Amos Moses Betty's Judo Lesson
Californication CobbWeb Connection Country Bounce
Flying-8 Four on the Floor Frontier Outlaw 
Hitchin' Post Houston  Kaw-Liga 
Montana Stomp  Moving Out with Jeff Nevada
Rawhide Rebel Soldier Rocky Mountain Shuffle
Santee Shuffle Shotgun Sidewinder
Southern Flea Sumter County Surfin' St. Louie
T.V. Shuffle Thumpin' Tobacco Boogie
Well Armed Yes, Indeed  
Waltz Across Texas - (aka Texas Waltz)
Partner Dance
More to be added, Later

NOTE TO OUR VIEWERS: I have transcribed many of these dances from Jim's original hand written Step Sheets.
Many were written in one long paragraph, without sections breaks or separated into individual steps.
I have transcribed them as carefully as possible, drawing on a lifetime of dance experience to make them as accurate and understandable as I possibly can.
I apologize for any errors I might have missed.


Instructional Videos
on YouTube
Jim's Dances Webmaster's Dances
Tush Push Damifino
Amos Moses Confederate Hustle
  Live to Ride
By Jim Ferrazzano
By Bud Cranford
Dances approved & certified to be correct by and the choreographer

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