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CMSU - Renegade Dancers
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One of the high points of Jim Ferrazzano's dancing career was his time at Central Missouri State University (CMSU) where he coached and choreographed routines for the Renegade dance team.

One appearance of the CMSU Renegades was at a statewide conference for all the State Colleges and Schools, where Jim performed a waltz routine dancing with two partners, at the same time. This was followed by a performance of the Renegade Dance Team

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CMSU Renegades

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This team also performed at the "Hardwood Shiners' Dance Team Showdown" in Fort Wayne Indiana
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Jim used five different dances in this routine, including "Rocky Mountain Shuffle", "Tush Push", "Moving Out With Jeff", "Tobacco Boogie", and one which he does not remember the name of.
I do not recognize this dance, either. Perhaps it will be remembered at a future date.

Notice that the team only does two walls of each dance, but, in addition, they turn at the end of each dance, so they are facing the front wall (12:00) each time they begin a new dance, and the front line never turns their backs on the audience.



Under Jim's tutelage, another team (The Low Country Dancers of North Charleston, S.C.) won several competitions, culminating in their performance at the Inaugural Ball for incoming United State's President, Ronald Regan, on April 1, 1981.


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